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christmas 2010

December is a colourful month for many different reasons, whether is be through festive decorations, Summer's fruitful bounty - at least Downunder!
Or that of relations, as we tend to spend more time over holidays with family and friends.

How do you colour your December?
Do you decorate with traditional Christmas colours, green, red and gold? Do you keep to a theme or colour palate, perhaps you have a tree in a riot of different colours and different decorations from old, new, handmade and ultra special.

I love decorating for Christmas, although most years I don't complete half what I would have liked and planned to do. If I had my way we would have a tree in every room, a wreath on every door, garlands on every wall.
Some would be themed, some in a single colour palate and others every colour of the rainbow.
We normally have 3 trees in our home, our main and biggest tree (where the presents go!) is covered in decorations my late mother-in-law collected from her travels around the world and our more "delicate" and special decorations.

The fairies also have their own tree, often it's rearranged several times over. Perhaps even each day as the make new ideas and crafts to adorn it.

The 3rd tree is our only "real live" tree, with it's fresh pine smell we adorn it with more aromatics in the way of homemade gingerbread cookies, popcorn and bundles of spices and dried citrus. Our cat is particularly fond of this tree and nibbling the lower gingerbread!

Tell me about your decorating!
Do you have a tree, is it up yet?

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