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christmas 2010

This is sure to be a trifle that pleases everyone, but what I find best about this way of serving trifle is that it saves room in my refrigerator!
I don't have to juggle a great bowl around and it can be prepared in a minute or two for impromptu desserts over the holidays whether I'm feeding a crowd or simply Mum & Dad.

Any of my trifle recipes could be modified to be served this way and I'm sure you can think up many more variations. If you have a lot of people to feed perhaps one idea might be to set up a self-service trifle parlour where your guests can design their own.

  • De-constructed Trifle
  • 2 Sponge Fingers, Savoiardi biscuits per serving
  • A large spoonful of fresh seasonal fruit, such as berries
  • 1 shot of Grand Marnier Liqueur per serving
  • Lightly whipped cream
  • Custard
  • Grated Dark Chocolate

  1. Assemble a couple of sponge finger biscuits beside a spoonful of fresh strawberries and raspberries.
  2. Place a spoonful of the lightly whipped cream folded through custard and sprinkle a little chocolate over top.
  3. Finally add a shot glass of your favourite liqueur.
  4. Indulge!
  1. Here are some of my other favourite combinations...
  3. Blueberries with Hazelnut - a spoonful of blueberries and chopped hazelnuts sprinkled on the custard & cream with a shot of Frangelico
  5. Knickerbockerglory - Cubes of colourful fruit and fruit jellies with marshmallows and colourful sprinkles, 100s & 1000s - sure to please the younger members!
  7. Lighten up - replace the cream and custard with yoghurt and the liqueur with fruit juice, but don't stick with boring orange, try pomegranate or cranberry juice, for a festive combination.
  9. Banoffee - sliced bananas with caramelised sweetened condensed milk folded through the cream and a shot of Baileys Irish Cream

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