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Friday 14th October 2011

Some Housekeeping

I've been doing some housekeeping around here (with technical assistance from J), moving the furniture, or in this case my recipe links and indexes. Some of you may have noticed recently the main index was not displaying correctly for safari browsers and most of the more recent recipes and magazine collections were missing.

Well, now it's the older recipes from my old wordpress blog that are missing. The posts are still there, just not linked up quite yet. I'm working on that and hope to have everything in order very soon, including additional seasonal categories and an easily traceable archive, so you can find old favourites very quickly.

In the meantime you can click on the images above to navigate your way around the current categories or click into the recipe index to bookmark it for future reference - it's the same links as above only in it's more permanent home. Hopefully like me, you find it all a lot more user-friendly.

In other news... I'm delighted to once again be called to judge DMBLGIT (Does my blog look good in this? - the long running, now well into it's 6th year! Monthly international food bloggers photo competition.) You can check out the rules of entry, the other judges and the current gallery of entries here. There is just under a week left to submit your own entry for the October 2011 edition.


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