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Tuesday 7th October 2008

Two New Links to Love - Kiwi Blogs
Bluebell Woods won't grow in May...but rather on a September or October DayBluebell Woods won't grow in May...but rather on a September or October Day.

My blog may have been suffering from a depressed and comatose Winter mood, (no apologies!) yet this hasn't stopped two (three?) new Kiwi blogs emerging over the past few cooler months and I'd liked to share with you these two new-to-me discoveries...

Firstly Starcooked by Wellingtonian Johanna Knox,
shares her adventures in foraging for her and her family's food, and making use of our largest star and it's solar energy source to cook these wonderfully wild delicacies. You'll find all her experiments at Starcooked and her recipes of success documented at Wild Concoctions. Johanna is a great believer in "green" and sustainable living, and a supporter the Slow food and Transition Town movements, she also runs a google group to help Kiwi's identify wild foods worth foraging for.

My second discovery also hails from our capital city...
DownUnder written under the nom de plume "Vanille"
a French expat sharing her views of Wellington city, it's harbour and architecture, however beautiful... let me honest for just one small moment... I'm far more attracted to her blog for the gorgeous French inspired pastry creations and delicious photography of tarts and cakes. Go on take a peek... Vanille is a little shy... but her desserts scream YUM!

Until next time
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