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Wednesday 6th December 2006

Last Sunday when Santa Claus came to town!
Here are some photos hubby and I took in Christchurch city last weekend, when together with our girls we watched the annual Christmas street parade.

Cadbury shared some goodies with a grateful crowd.

It's true, everything was a buzz!

Ant of Antcan.com "antertained" our girls at a recent birthday party, it was neat to see him again, he sure has a way with balloons!

Now this (below!) surely is a face only a mother could love?!!

The Wizard of Christchurch made one of his rare appearances.

Sri Chinmoy Centre for sharing Peace and Harmony.

A Spooky Truckload of Witches!

Yes even Lisa Simpson joined us for a glimpse of the Jolly Red Man!

The girls tell me this is Sam from Sticky TV

Unfortunately we didn't get a good shot of the man of the hour, but we did see plenty of his helpers!

Happy holidays!
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