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Sunday 8th March 2009

Bron, How Does Your Garden Grow?
It's thrives on neglect mostly.
And what doesn't survive, well then we go without.
That said, I think I've managed quite well this year and I'd like to share a few photos of some of our successes and we'll just forget about those failures until next season when we'll try again, shall we?!

Mmm who can resist? StrawberriesMmm who can resist? Strawberries

Carrots with legs, Lettuce with frillsCarrots with legs, Lettuce with frills

Some call them Zucchini, others CourgettesSome call them Zucchini, others Courgettes

Zucchini BlossomZucchini Blossom

Peas - Pods - Potatoes - People Pea Pickers Podding!Peas - Pods - Potatoes - People Pea Pickers Podding!

Mmmm Berries Again - Raspberries and StrawberriesMmmm Berries Again - Raspberries and Strawberries

A Youngin' - Cauliflower SeedlingA Youngin' - Cauliflower Seedling

Scarlet Runner Beans, twisting vines and
blossomsScarlet Runner Beans, twisting vines and blossoms

Beans Beans - Yellow Roquefort and Scarlet RunnersBeans Beans - Yellow Roquefort and Scarlet Runners

Tomatoes x2; Black Krim and Sweet 100 and
Cucumbers too!Tomatoes x2; Black Krim and Sweet 100 and Cucumbers too!

We're also growing Roma and Super Toms, Capsicums, Chillies; not pictured

Blackcurrants and GooseberriesBlackcurrants and Gooseberries

Corn - Baby Butternut - Nasturtiums - Hen -
Carrots again!Corn - Baby Butternut - Nasturtiums - Hen - Carrots again!

Rhubarb, rhubarb!Rhubarb, rhubarb!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this wee touch of my vegetable garden and some of what we have grown throughout our Summer. Now somewhat sadly our garden is looking a little bare in patches, although however I have planted out more cauliflowers, broccoli, silverbeet (swiss chard) and leeks recently for the change of season and to get a head start before the first frosts. As the nights are cooler and days a little shorter and the leaves beginning to fall our diet moves away from these certain kinds of foods but begins to include walnuts, pears, apples instead, with plenty of other delights to come too.

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