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Thursday 1st March 2007

5 things meme!
Mary from Alpine Berry has tagged me for 5 things you probably do not know about me...

1) J and I were married by two celebrants (friends) in one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, Harrison Cove, Milford Sound within view of Mitre peak.
Our wedding and reception was small with only 45 or so guests and was on board a boat, one of my uncle's tourist cruise fleet.
Although our wedding was small I still had two wedding cakes, a traditional layered and elaborately iced fruit cake and a Croquembouche... I'm a foodie what can I say, I like to have my two cakes and eat them too!

2) I've only left New Zealand once and I went all on my own in that big jumbo jet, as a student on an exchange to Essen, Germany, where I also got to visit the Netherlands. Naturally I dream of travelling a whole heap more in the future, France being at the top of my list! I would adore to have the options of choosing Béa, and David as my tour guides.
3) I was bitten on my left cheek by a police dog* when I was 6 years old, yet I still adore most dogs and hope to have a golden retriever not unlike the lovely Gino, join our family one day.
*it wasn't a "working Police dog", not a German shepherd or Alsatian, but just a smallish mutt of unknown breed that just happened to belong to a Policeman and his wife!
However like I said, I'm totally cool with dogs, and I'm cool with the policeman, he brought me a box of chocolates and sat on my bed, and he was cute and in uniform...hehe.

A recent picture of me

4) I'm terrified with the thought of snakes, I can't watch them on the telly or look at pictures without getting the shivers, and so I'm truly thankful to live in a country that hasn't any!!

5) I enjoy yoga and try to dedicate a small amount of time every morning to it, before our littlies get up and demand attention and breakfast.

So there ya go, probably not so interesting really. I did contemplate lying to boost my ratings, but ah well, nevermind. I'll pass on tagging anyone, as many of you have completed it already. However feel free to take the plunge if you feel so inclined.

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