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spring 2010

  1. #1 ~ to line a loaf pan or several papers cut in half to line muffins and mini cake pans
  2. #2 ~ to wrap and chill pastry or cookie dough in the refrigerator
  3. #3 ~ to wrap cheese or cold meats
  4. #4 ~ to make a cartouche / paper lid to cover the surface of a stew, soup, stock or sauce reducing evaporation or prevent a skin from forming.
  5. #5 ~ to sandwich tortilla, chapati dough between before rolling or pressing them out
  6. #6 ~ between burger patties as you stack them ready for grilling
  7. #7 ~ to line a drip tray under a rack whilst roasting for easy clean up
  8. #8 ~ between items when freezing, free flow allows you to take out just one at a time
  9. #9 ~ to cover splattering bacon & eggs in a pan - non foil papers can be used in place of a paper towel to cover splatters in the microwave
  10. #10 ~ to cover resting steaks and keep warm before serving

Our butter in New Zealand typically comes in 500 gram blocks wrapped in 20cm x 28cm greaseproof papers. These papers have many uses in the kitchen, plus they save a great number of baking parchment paper purchases in a year, which has to reduce our carbon footprints as well as save a fair few dollars.

Here are ten of my ideas, I'm sure you come up with several more, so feel free to share them with us all in the comments.

  1. Ten is my place to share ten thoughts, ideas or tips on everyday things which make my life easier or better in some way. Perhaps they are ideas to reduce waste, conserve energy, or new ways to care for our environment. The also might be ways I've found to speed up more mundane tasks, save some dollars or just make our home and living space more cosy.
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