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autumn 2010

Here is a selection of my favourite comments I received on my Easter Issue.
Thank you all for your kind words and encouraging feedback.
I love receiving them all.

  2. I got to visit thanks to Ilva at the Lucillian Delights. I'm simply blown away. Such beauty, both in pictures and in recipes. It's not enough to look at all the pages just once. I've seen it, like, three times and am still in awe. Thank you, thank you very much for sharing.
  3. - Gosia Maj, Surrey, B.C.
  5. On Easter 2010 - A Look Back
  8. I’m new to your blog. But I really think you have the start of a good concept UI-wise. Normally I don’t like “clickable images”. And I’m highly impressed with you choosing not to use Flash! The UI does not feel heavy or slow at all!
  9. A searchable index would be nice. And how are you going to solve timelines? The magazine layout is stunning, but manually searching in it is not so easy.
  10. I would have some small (really tiny compared had you been using Flash) nitpicking about the HTML. But that is just details…
  11. I really think your new design technically is a very good example of why many sites use Flash where they really should not.
  12. - Bakpappa, Finland
  14. On Extreme Makeover - Easter 2010 Edition
  16. Bron replies...
  17. Bakpappa's comment and feedback has been abridged here...
  18. to read the full original comment and my response click here
  21. @bronmarshall drrooooools uncontrollably, geeesh bron way to go girl, turning me in to a slobbering monster over your sexy pizza :o) lol
  22. - Tessa, Auckland, NZ
  24. On Twitter referring to my Hot Cross Bun Pizza
  27. @bronmarshall my pleasure Bron, your photography is spotless and your writing is always inspiring.
  28. - Heidi, Macau
  30. On Twitter

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