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autumn 2010

  1. Trade Aid
  3. It's true, I just adore Trade Aid. Many of my food styling props are purchased from my local Canterbury Trade Aid stores - likewise much of the home décor throughout Chez Marshall and several of their Fair Trade baking products. I fully support the ideals of Fair Trading and supporting the talents of men and especially women working in developing countries such as Ghana, Bangladesh and Peru, to name a few. These 2 weeks from May 1st to the 16th marks "Fair Trade Fortnight" and Trade Aid is highlighting the positive impact fair trade has on women working in developing countries with their theme for the fortnight being "Just Women - justice for women by women".
  5. The following are a small selection of personal favourites from Trade Aid:

  1. Quinua Ceramics
  3. Over the past few years we've collected a number of these unique Quinua character ornaments. Each is individually hand crafted with the artists own fingerprints still visible. The pieces feature very cute looking townspeople in everyday situations, riding small buses, playing musical instruments, gathering in church, shopping markets or similar happy moments in life and every time I look at them they make me smile inside. The Quinua Ceramics are only one of a number of crafts in Peru that the Minka cooperative manage for Trade Aid. You can read more about Minka here.
  1. Organic Baking Cocoa
  3. Trade Aid's Sweet Justice brand of Organic Cocoa Powder is fantastic! Not only is it bringing a positive change to impoverished cocoa farmers and their families in places like the Dominican Republic, Ghana and Boliva - but this cocoa tastes GREAT!
  4. I believe it's better value for money and a far superior product compared to most cocoa you can buy in New Zealand's supermarkets chains. Trade Aid's cocoa powder is 100% organic and contains no anti-caking chemicals, so it's got to be better for you.
  5. It's also dark, rich and intensely flavoured so you need less to get a great chocolatey flavour in your baking. Having said that, the 200 gram box is simply too small for our regular Marshall family use and we buy the whopping 2kg bag. We use the cocoa for our hot chocolates too - it seems far more water soluble than other cocoas and has a great flavour mixed with a little raw sugar. Read more about what Trade Aid is doing to help the Cocoa producers here

  1. Homeware & Food Styling Props
  3. For unique props for my food styling I've found again and again that I turn to Trade Aid. They naturally have a great range of ethnically themed items such as Indian copper curry bowls, coconut wooden spoons and chopsticks and various mortars and pestles. However their table linens and dinnerware are simply beautiful, colourful and fun too. I particularly love the crochet laced doilies and beaded milk jug covers. With such talent and patience used to create these beautiful pieces I'm so pleased my money is being fairly traded. There are a few examples on their website however they generally have a much wider range in store.
  5. As I said above, these are just a few samples of what I love from Trade Aid. I also love their glorious beads and jewellery, silk scarves, recycled paper stationery, children's toys. It's true in fact there's very little I don't love about Trade Aid.

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