Getting Festive with Bonfires

Getting Festive with Bonfires

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Aww Bron! We love you .. hibernation or not we are not going anywhere! :-)

I love winter though, I am a weird being .. my productivity triples in winter I just want to kill myself in summer!!

Those griddle cakes look fantastic .. I had an early brekkie and you've got me craving some cake

You are so totally right! Family comes first, blogs can sit on the backburner .. I think most bloggers get that!!

  • Thank you so much Sneh, I'm so pleased you're here with me

  • Sneh | Gel's Kitchen — Tuesday 14th July 2009 2:08 pm

    Dear Bron,
    It 's always the wintry holidays that make the winter bearable up here on the top half. You just hang in there! And especially with homeschooling!

  • Yes, I think you're right there Jamie, it's a very long Winter without holidays to take your mind of things. I don't think we'll be moving our festivities back to December anytime soon, that's for sure. Thank you for your lovely comment

  • Jaime — Tuesday 14th July 2009 3:22 pm

    Bron, you know we do love you... I keep looking out for another story. Yeah, being a home-schooler mother is a 'work'. I can feel that now :) But hey, we're happy this way, so let's rocking onnnn!!! please don't forget that The Binsteds here love you!


  • Thank you Arfi, oh yes rocking on, it's the best lifestyle even if it can be hard work now and then, love you too!

  • arfi — Tuesday 14th July 2009 4:34 pm

    Your post warm me up Bron !
    I'm not really a winter girl either...
    Funny, the sandwich has a curly tongue on the last picture ! ;)

  • Oh I'm please Vanille, thank you! I hadn't noticed that cheeky little bacon tongue until now, hehe

  • Vanille — Tuesday 14th July 2009 7:55 pm

    Bron! We love you and will always be coming back :) The reason I am drawn to your blog is precisely because of the picture you paint in posts such as these...I am from a hot, kinda dirty (ok, kinda really dirty) city in the tropics (with no winter) and thoughts of dancing around wintry bonfire with things like billy tea and bacon butties, growing your own veg and raising your own animals, well, it's seems quite magical to me truth be told :) I really do love hearing all about it and imagining pulling a cozy-fuzzy sweater over my head instead of wiping sweat of my brow! Enjoy an extra serving of bacon for me? :)

  • Oh thank you Joey, what a sweet note! I do know I'm rather spoilt here, let me send you the icy stuff from our back paddock and lashings of bacon and hugs too!

  • joey — Tuesday 14th July 2009 11:55 pm

    This post makes me long for winter! I want a fire and cute candles in jars!

  • Thanks Pam, candles in jars are easy, fires are a little more difficult. Tea light candles are great for jars and you can used sand or sugar in the bottom to steady / raise them higher, perfect for summer entertaining too!

  • pam — Thursday 16th July 2009 10:05 am

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