Mid-Winter Christmas Event and an Appeal to New Zealanders

Mid-Winter Christmas Event and an Appeal to New Zealanders

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Well done Bron. We usually donate at Christmas time but you've pointed out something I hadn't thought about before.
To answer your questions we feed our family of four adults at around $200 a week and have a healthy diet. I could probably do it on less if I set my mind to it. More if we entertain when I would buy some special meats, cheeses and chocolates. I think there is problem where people don't have a good knowledge of food and nutrition and waste money on filling but not healthy food. Again we are now asking teachers to do the jobs of parents and teach nutrition. But if we don't do something we continue to add another generation to the continuing problem.

barbara — Tuesday 3rd July 2007 11:45 am

As a recent migrant to NZ from California, I am surprised at how expensive food is here. I am also apalled at how much of the food in the markets is sugar, salt and fat laden. An ad hoc study of a local supermarket showed 90% processed foods and only 10% produce, fresh meat and dairy.

Given the choices (I know the stores say they only offer what the market wants) I can understand the health issues. Whole grain bread is 2-3 times white bread. "Healthy" breakfast cereals have sugar disguised in various forms and frozen potatoes covers three times the area as frozen vegetables. It is no wonder obesity is an issue here. (I certainly am aware of the obesity problem in the States as well.)

Bring on those farmer's markets and all that good fresh produce!

Tracy — Sunday 22nd July 2007 2:31 pm

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