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Sunday 15th July 2007


I am sorry folks, I really must apologise this WILD WEED themed event got me into a bit of bother, a little trouble with the authorities, how was I to know? I mean, did you know some “WEEDS” are illegal to possess?!
NO, nor did I!!

Ok, Ok I’m pulling your leg (and badly!) I’m in no trouble with the law, I’m just really REALLY slack!I do apologise though, do you still love me?
I have been feeling unloved lately!

So anyway enough talk… here without further ado let me introduce some most exciting and scrumptious delights from 8 WILD WEED entries!

Barbara Wild Thyme RisottoFirstly Barbara shared a most comforting Wild Thyme Risotto with us

Joey Gotu Kola Pesto
was next to post with a fresh new take on pesto… Gotu Kola Pesto

Arfi Kawakawa rubbed Sirloin Steaks
went bush to bring us NZ native Bush Basil -
Kawakawa rubbed Sirloin Steaks

Kim Spirulina WedgesKim made us some WILD wedges with a difference -
Spirulina Wedges

Nigel Karengo Nut BarsNigel put together a tasty moreish snack - Karengo Nut Bars

Sarina Chadon beni Green RiceSarina shared this second delicious rice dish this time with a Wild Coriander - Chadon beni Green Rice

Cakelaw Wild Hibiscus Flower lime cheesecake Cakelaw made us a beautiful bloom of a dessert! Wild Hibiscus Flower lime cheesecake

Jeanne Wild Nasturtium leaf salad Finally Jeanne sneaks in due to my slackness and offers a refreshingly Wild Nasturtium leaf salad, thanks Jeanne!

Many, many thanks again for your entries and support of the WILDFOOD event my WILD friends!!


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  1. Oh, Bron, how did I miss this one?? I would have loved to participate, especially as I’ve been blogging about ground elder pie, stinging nettle soup, wild garlic salad (not talking about wild non-weeds like wild strawberries and mushrooms recently).. Oh well, there will always be next time :)
    Interesting wild weeds there - bookmarking some of them!

    Pille — Monday 16th July 2007 10:18 pm

  2. Oh Bron, your kindness knows no bounds!!! I really just took a chance, working on the premise that when I host, I will accept entries up to the minute the roundup is actually published - and you humoured me!

    Some really interesting stuff here and I will definitely be bookmarking some. Thanks for hosting such an unusual event that stretches our creativity :)

    Jeanne — Monday 16th July 2007 11:04 pm

  3. this event is so much fun :D

    The TriniGourmet — Monday 16th July 2007 11:13 pm

  4. Hi Bron, Thanks for hosting this fun event. I am curious to try out some of the other ideas posted. It was definitely worth waiting for!

    Cakelaw — Tuesday 17th July 2007 12:04 am

  5. Hello there

    great collection of recipes, THANK YOU!

    SallyBR — Tuesday 17th July 2007 6:11 am

  6. Well done Bron. Some interesting ideas there.

    barbara — Monday 23rd July 2007 12:25 am

  7. Great round-up, I wish I’d known about the event, you could have had my dandelion salad!


    Joanna — Monday 23rd July 2007 12:38 am

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