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Sunday 29th March 2009

Toasted Walnut and Charred Red Capsicum Pasta

Toasted Walnut and Red Capsicum Pasta

Toasted Walnut and Charred Red Capsicum Pasta

I think this combination of Toasted Walnuts and Charred Sweet Red Capsicum is rather moreish, actually I may well be addicted to it. Which isn’t such a bad thing, since we have loads of Walnuts and Capsicum from our garden, especially so at the moment with plenty of fresh Walnuts falling.
As an added bonus Walnuts are fairly good for you being an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and helpful in lowering cholesterol. Cooked and softened Capsicums don’t do you any harm either. (please click here to read the rest…)

Monday 23rd March 2009

Pepper Pasta - HHDD Event Reminder!

DH Chicken and Roasted Capsicum Pasta used with permission Copyright eCurry

Donna Hay’s “Chicken and Roasted Capsicum Pasta” - Image used with permission, Copyright eCurry

Due to (once again!) a lack of entries - including mine! (*blush*)
Round #26 of Hay Hay it’s Donna Day has been extended one week until next Monday the 30th of March. You can find all the details, recipe and guidelines for this event on eCurry - Soma’s blog
We both look forward to your entries and hope you can join us!


Tuesday 3rd February 2009

Hay Hay Double Dish

Prawn Peanut Satay

For the 25th round of Hay Hay it’s Donna Day and to kick off the event in 2009 we had double the fun!!

Two hosts - Two recipes - Two languages!

The ever delightful and talented Meeta hosted with a scrumptious savoury Donna Hay recipe - Chicken Satay
& Our Sweeter than 1000 Sweet Desserts Tartasacher hosted in Spanish with - Sugar Grilled Fruits!
(please click here to read the rest…)

Sunday 14th December 2008

Hay Hay it’s Donna Day - Pesto

Pesto Potatoes

Donna Hay’s Rough Chop Basil Pesto on New Jersey Benne Potatoes, Pan-fried Akaroa Salmon & Simple Garden Salad

I’ve fallen in love with Donna Hay’s Rough Chop Pesto method, this months HHDD recipe as chosen by Joey of 80 Breakfasts our delightful host. Often after a day immersed in homeschooling, messy crafts or gardening in hot and windy weather. I’m hungry and tired like the rest of the family and to be honest the last thing I want to do is cook! (please click here to read the rest…)

Monday 27th October 2008

Hay Hay it’s Pumpkin Pie Flavoured Yoghurt

Pumpkin Pie Flavoured Yoghurt

Continuing on my Autumnal theme just once more as the super Spring sunny-shine is back and I can’t wait to head outdoors and check on how my vegetables weathered the storm!

However when brainstorming ideas to flavour my yoghurt for this months HHDD hosted by Bordeaux over at Marita Says; I kept thinking of the lovely recipes I’d seen on food blogs this past week, the preparations being made for Halloween this coming Friday. Pumpkin was everywhere and I couldn’t avoid it, it had wedge it’s way into my brain and there was no way around it.
(please click here to read the rest…)

Sunday 27th July 2008

Tiny Tiramisu

Tiny Tiramisù

Here I am again, briefly emerging from my blogging coma… to sneak in my HHDD entry just before the deadline tomorrow.

Alexandra from Addicted Sweet Tooth is our most splendid and delightful host this time around, having chosen a Tiramisù recipe of Donna Hay’s to lead the festivities… oh yes - festivities! How we Marshalls have indulged this last week, having had “like the BEST Christmas EVER Mum!”
However I will save all the details - on how it almost snowed, the cat and the gingerbread decorations, the delicious melt in your mouth Venison with Blackberry Jus… en all for another post or two. (please click here to read the rest…)

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