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Tuesday 20th October 2009

Golden Dandelion Tempura Blooms

Dandelion Lawn

Love them or loathe them in your lawn, Spring announces the arrival of Dandelions.

For me personally I love them, they are a super gift from our Mother Nature. I adore; and who doesn’t love getting practical yet still attractive and pretty presents?! (please click here to read the rest…)

Tuesday 7th October 2008

Two New Links to Love - Kiwi Blogs

Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods won’t grow in May…but rather on a September or October Day

My blog may have been suffering from a depressed and comatose Winter mood, (no apologies!) yet this hasn’t stopped two (three?) new Kiwi blogs emerging over the past few cooler months and I’d liked to share with you these two new-to-me discoveries… (please click here to read the rest…)

Sunday 15th July 2007


I am sorry folks, I really must apologise this WILD WEED themed event got me into a bit of bother, a little trouble with the authorities, how was I to know? I mean, did you know some “WEEDS” are illegal to possess?!
NO, nor did I!!

Ok, Ok I’m pulling your leg (and badly!) I’m in no trouble with the law, I’m just really REALLY slack!I do apologise though, do you still love me?
I have been feeling unloved lately!

So anyway enough talk… here without further ado let me introduce some most exciting and scrumptious delights from 8 WILD WEED entries!

Barbara Wild Thyme RisottoFirstly Barbara shared a most comforting Wild Thyme Risotto with us

Joey Gotu Kola Pesto
was next to post with a fresh new take on pesto… Gotu Kola Pesto

Arfi Kawakawa rubbed Sirloin Steaks
went bush to bring us NZ native Bush Basil -
Kawakawa rubbed Sirloin Steaks

Kim Spirulina WedgesKim made us some WILD wedges with a difference -
Spirulina Wedges

Nigel Karengo Nut BarsNigel put together a tasty moreish snack - Karengo Nut Bars

Sarina Chadon beni Green RiceSarina shared this second delicious rice dish this time with a Wild Coriander - Chadon beni Green Rice

Cakelaw Wild Hibiscus Flower lime cheesecake Cakelaw made us a beautiful bloom of a dessert! Wild Hibiscus Flower lime cheesecake

Jeanne Wild Nasturtium leaf salad Finally Jeanne sneaks in due to my slackness and offers a refreshingly Wild Nasturtium leaf salad, thanks Jeanne!

Many, many thanks again for your entries and support of the WILDFOOD event my WILD friends!!


Sunday 1st July 2007

Horopito Lamb Chops with Tutaekuri Wedges and Yams

Horopito Lamb Chops with Tutaekuri Wedges

Horopito (Pseudowintera Colorata) is native NZ Bush Pepper, and my chosen “Wild Weed”, even though it did come conveniently packaged from Kinaki, Wild Herbs
Horopito makes a “peppy” (hehe, do you like that?!) addition to marinades, spice rubs and sauces for meats, fish or vegetables. It is also traditionally used as an internal or external tonic, as it has anti-oxidant properties.

(please click here to read the rest…)

Friday 15th June 2007

WILDFOOD #2 - Wild Weeds

June Wild Food Event

Once again I am inviting and encouraging food bloggers to join with me and take a walk on the WILD side

The theme for this second WILDFOOD event is…

Wild Weeds!

You can choose to create something new or share a past experience cooking or eating any legal Wild Weed, anything that grows Wild in your backyard, home town, or country. I am also extending the theme to include any native plant, fungi, seaweed, fresh Wild herbs, dried Wild herbs or spices, Wild greens or any weed grown or sold as food i.e dandelions, nettles, watercress, Wild thyme, Wild mint, Wattle seeds, Wild pepper, Samphire (sea asparagus), piko-piko, fern fronds etc.
I realise many of us don’t have access to such products, so if that is the case any meal, dish, dessert or treat that has been given the Wild Weed treatment, theme, shape, name etc. is totally accepted!

This is a fun event aimed at using ones’ imagination, I know you won’t be silly enough to go out hunting endangered plant life, or serving up unknown, unidentified or illegal weeds!!

So to get you started on some ideas…

  1. Samphire and Scallop Salad
  2. Wilted Dandelion Greens
  3. Chocolate Wild After Dinner Mints
  4. Cream of Nettle Soup
  5. Piko-Piko Pesto
  6. - these are all acceptable entries

Send your entries with the heading Wild Weeds! to me by midnight on June the 30th Send your entries to me with the heading Wild Weeds

  1. Please remember to include…
  2. your name
  3. your approximate location
  4. your blogs name
  5. your Wild Weed’s name
  6. your Wild Weed’s url / permalink

Thanks heaps, I’m looking forward to some fun, weird and wonderful WILD WEEDY FOOD!

Monday 4th June 2007

1 WILD ROUNDUP - Edible Reptile

Seven brave and fearless food bloggers took the leap and joined me for a walk on the WILD side. Thank you to all who took the plunge, overcame your initial fears and supported this WILD adventure!

Crocodile in Lime and Ginger with Minted ZucchiniFirst out of the blocks was Katherine from Toast Point with what she called an “amazing reptilian coincidence” - as an ongoing project to consume strange animals has been underway in her household for some time. Her entry was this delicious looking Crocodile in Lime and Ginger with Minted Zucchini.

Mum we eat snake cakeNext up was fellow NZ blogger Arfi from Homemades, who surprised her two little ones with the words “We eat Snake”. However, much to the delight of Ben and Sarah, this snake wasn’t nearly as scary as he initially sounded. In fact this snake was sprinkled with lots of love and affection.

Tuatara ChilliMy good friend and Nihowera sidekick Emma, The Laughing Gastronome, was the next to post. Emma went all out and native for her WILD Edible Reptile entry, purchasing “conveniently portioned and packed” New Zealand Tuatara(!) to make her WILD and delicious Tuatara Chilli.

SnakebiteThe lovely Sarina From TriniGourmet gave us a quick spirited SNAKEBITE! which didn’t hurt nearly as much as one might expect! Sarina’s “Snakebite” is in truth gorgeously refreshing for a hot thirsty WILDFOOD blogger!

Crocodile Spring RollsIt seems the only man WILD enough to walk on the WILD side this month was fellow Cantabrian, Kiwi Blogger and recent new Dad Paul from EatNZ. Paul offered us a truly art inspired and totally moreish looking Reptilian Bite in the form of Crocodile Spring Rolls.

Carpet Bag Steak The delightful and much loved Barbara from WinosandFoodies served up an original and yet totally Retro Reptilian feast for her man Bryan before one of his gigs (Bryan is quite an accomplished musician). Yet, I am left wondering whether his CarpetBag Snake resulted in a more than usually WILD performance on stage!

Sea Snails with Green Bananas and TofuAnh from Food Lover’s Journey believes one has to be staunchly “wild at heart” to try her Sea Snail dish. She asks her readers if they would be keen and brave enough to try her offering of a traditional Vietnamese dish - Sea Snails with Green Bananas and Tofu. So, would you try too?

Poached Pear MiceFinally Dhana from Fresh Kitchen sent us something to feed the Reptiles themselves, to perhaps fatten them up or maybe simply to feed your own Reptile within. With such a colourful dish of Poached Pear Mice, how could any Reptile resist?!

Many, many thanks again my WILD friends!!
Stay tuned for round #2 and June’s new theme for WILDFOOD!


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